Our Core Values

Licensed and educated

Even as a young boy I would build things, it has become a part of me over all these years. My journey to fulfill my carpentry dreams starting in a small city called Kingston. There I attended the local high school, and through co-operative education and later an apprenticeship I earned my license. After years of perfecting my craft I have branched out and created Paradise Construction.

We Pursue Excellence

Paradise Construction is more then just a company who shows up to design and finish your projects. We are always in a pursuit of excellence starting from when we first meet our clients. I have spent year perfecting every aspect of my carpentry skills so when I do it, it is the best possible work that we can display.

We Practice Honesty

Every day in the news you hear about carpenters and their companies ripping people off, taking money and leaving town, not only that, but you also have to deal with carpenters who will tell you that you need this when you need that, you not knowing any better. Paradise Construction wants to erase that stereotype. We explain every aspect of your project and answer all questions with a great pride in honesty.

We Create Your Paradise

Here at Paradise Construction we are always researching what the newest and upcoming trends are, so that we can pass onto our clients what the most desired looks are. You have a vision of your finished product and we help sprinkle on some creative inspiration to help make that vision all it can be for you!