What does an environmentally-friendly build really mean?

An environmentally-friendly build seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, development space, and the ecosystem at large. An environmentally-friendly build takes into consideration many factors beyond the physical construction of a building.

In the pre-construction planning phase – things like build location, building orientation on the lot, and natural topography are strongly factored into the design-build plans.

The construction industry creates a tremendous amount of waste, about 14.2 million tonnes of waste in Ontario alone. About 12 percent is construction waste being diverted, leaving 88 percent heading to landfills. Ontario is expected to run out of landfill capacity by 2032.

In partnership with our designers, architects, and engineers, we strive to reduce construction waste by designing without waste. Our build designs use sustainable design principles, resources, products, and materials that minimize the amount used for construction.

We have a well-thought-out, clear plan before starting a job. We strive to only order what we need to complete the job and don’t overbuy materials. We utilize an on-site construction waste reduction program – designated bins for cardboard, clean wood, plastic wrap, metal, and garbage. All of our employees and building partners know that recycling, reusing, and reducing waste is an integral part of our company.

During deconstruction, we take inventory of items that can be salvaged, reused, or donated.

We are passionate about sustainable builds, passive solar design, energy efficiency, and minimizing waste.

We are early adopters of new technologies and products that perform better and are better for the environment.

Finishing details get the most attention. We care about those too. We care as much about the things you don’t necessarily see – efficient design, accurate material take-offs, a carefully planned and constructed building envelope, high R-values for energy savings, and construction waste that is diverted from landfills.

We believe that we have an obligation to do our part to protect the planet for future generations.

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